Welcome to CSUStatsTutor.com, my name is Alejandro Ojeda, although most people know me as Panda. I provide 1-on-1 private statistics tutoring. I mainly tutor at the library of Colorado State University, but I am flexible to meet at another location. I also offer online tutoring in case you want to study in the comfort of your own home. 

​I am more familiar with CSU’s statistics courses, but I am able to tutor most intro stat classes. In the past, I have also tutored stat courses from Front Range Community College, AIMS, and University of Northern Colorado. If you have a question on whether I can tutor the course you are currently taking, please do no hesitate to ask.


  • STAT 201: General Statistics
  • STAT 204: Statistics for Business Students
  • STAT 301: Introduction to Statistical Methods
  • STAT 315: Statistics for Engineers and Scientists

Additional Services

I also provide help with the following programs:

  • R
  • Excel
  • TI – 84


Statistics is an important tool that is used in nearly every field. From predicting a hurricane’s path to analyzing League of Legends game play, statistics is the backbone behind understanding everyday phenomena. Although expertise is not necessary in the field, it is still essential to know the basics. Most schools require a statistics course to graduate and it is my goal to help you work through the class and build a working knowledge of the subject. Additionally, I strive to supplement your learning by helping you make the connections necessary to pass the class.